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           Digital Signage Solutions

Maximize your sales potential and increase your brand visibility – anytime, anywhere – easily and seamlessly – with Gallery BrightShow™ All-In-One Systems.

Residential / Commercial AV Communication

The key to delivering full HD video and audio over intercom or through control system panels requires a unique systems like the AVLinkPro that can encompass the task of with ideal performance and ease of operation.


        Intercom to Telephone Services

 As technologies in communication expand, services that allow
for additional means of communicating are required. Ittendant,
powered by AVLinkPro is providing a unique intercom to telephone solution to major Audio/Video intercom company customers.

Sunnytech Solutions

With decades of IT solution experience, Sunnytech has been around since the advent of personal computing.  A leading maker of white-box integrated systems that combines performance technology with quality, lasting components. Know in the industry for over 45 years and trusted by companies large and small.

Alltec AV Services

With confidence and years of AV and technical experience, we help AV and IT industry leaders get the job done right. The team at Alltec has the cumulative expertise in a broad range of audio/video AV and from the ground up IT infrastructure  technology. We offer consulting and project management services to help giude the right solution and professional design for your application!

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