Our Brands

  • AVLinkPro
    Serving the AV industry with leading edge SIP VOIP Communication Solutions
  • Ittendant
    Providing IP intercom communication, integration and telephony solutions
  • Gallery Digital Signage
    An industry leading digital signage solution Since 2009
  • Sunnytech
    A long standing Computer and IT custom solution house since 1987

We carry brands with a commitment to provide you with products that make any residential or commercial project integration easy and efficient.


Our products will help you with smart home Crestron integration, more energy efficient lighting, unlimited advertisement opportunities through digital signage, blazing fast connections with our cables, and experience entertainment like you are in a private movie theater. Scroll down to learn more about how our brands can help you!


In today’s residential automation systems there are no standards, we find more and more devices that need the ability to talk to one another. The home owner experience is driven by products and systems that can connect seamlessly and provide a full featured living experience.


Residential/ Commercial AV Integration

AVLinkPro systems are engineered to create a bridge solution to derive the full benefit of such connected devices. As an enhanced IP SIP PBX bridge communication server, the AVLinkPro is a solution for IP SIP-based devices.


Digital Signage

Gallery™ Digital signage is the ideal product for digitally showcasing your content. Find out how easy it is to create impactful messages that will get results.

The Gallery Advantage Is Driven By Our


Gallery™ provides the ideal digital signage solution to effectively and beautifully communicate with your customers, employees and visitors. Maximize your sales potential and increase your brand visibility – anytime, anywhere – easily and seamlessly – with Gallery BrightShow™ All-In-One Systems.  Our tailored systems and displays fit diverse applications and markets.

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Ittendant Communication

Collaborative communications products through advanced integration. Ittendant intercom solutions are cloud based bridge communication services that provide partner companies with additional services and features to add value and convenience to  today’s technology solutions.

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