AVLinkPro™: Bridge the Collaboration Gap for Integrators

Providing an Easy Route to the Whole Home Communication Experience

AVLinkPro™ bridges the communication gap between audio/video intercom capabilities, and modern home automation control systems from Crestron®. It’s the only AV focused SIP based system offering full H.264 HD video streaming combined with RTSP transport, multicast video, full intercom communication capabilities as well as custom level programing.

When it comes to current residential automation systems, there are no standards. Any professional that works with intercoms, control system panels, or any other telecom or video communication technology understands the hassle of making separate systems communicate with each other. Combining multiple technologies is becoming a more common request and AVLinkPro™ is here to bridge this communication gap and make the lives easier of anyone installing these products.

AVLinkPro™ connects with:

  • DoorBird®
  • 2N®
  • Grandstream®
  • Holovision®
  • Nest Hello®
  • And so many others!

This breakthrough technology is a completely unique and custom-built platform that was specifically designed to connect a combined SIP, IP and TCP/IP integration and turn it into a seamless, fully functional solution. It can be implemented on its own and can even work with Crestron® technologies.

Take a look at this short video to find out more about the capabilities of AVLinkPro™:

AVLinkPro™ allows any integrator to seamlessly connect all the different technologies a project requires. Video screens can connect fully with camera and audio devices, phones and telecom systems can speak with touch screens, security cameras, paging devices, and monitoring stations without issue. This Crestron® integrated partner solution is a completely unique solution, eliminating head-aches and allowing for seamless communication between different technologies without losing important features.

Below are just some of the ways AVLinkPro™ can be used:

  • Door station audio and video (A/V) communication
  • Gated entry station A/V communication with optional access control
  • Residential touchscreen control A/V communication
  • Front door concierge service monitoring
  • Full HD A/V communication
  • Complete support of digital and analog telephones with HD video and audio
  • Expandable Sip intercom support

Make the best of all the incredible communication technology available today and give clients exactly what they want. AVLinkPro™ is the link between technologies integrators need.

Contact AlltecPro for even more information on AVLinkPro™ or visit AvLinkPro.com and learn more about how it can help.